What We Do

At NIST AAL-3, iLogSafe provides next generation authentication patented solutions along with out-of-box federated and Single sign on capabilities. Your exclusive and personal iLogSafe codes are linked to your trusted devices,
as such a remote hacker cannot get unauthorized accounts even if your iLogsafe codes land in hackers, Man-in-Middle proxies such as Evilngnx, Modlishka, Mauraen.

Be it FFIEC, HIPAA, CJIS, PCI or any compliance standard, iLogSafe take out the fear of hacked and stolen credentials and exceeds the standards when it comes to authentication and Identity services. Our leap-frog technology enables finer access control to your critical resources. iLogSafe offers turnkey SaaS solutions bringing out next-generation identity services and access controls that make it easy for both the operators and end-users to follow and implement safe practices. Our team is on stand-by to explore and customize solutions to your needs.


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