The current 2FA solutions that include One-time-passcode which come in various hardware and software flavors, out-of-band SMS-based 2nd factor authentication schemes have the limitation of being bearer agnostic. This attribute of the authentication credentials, including passwords and 2FA enables an attacker who can intercept them during authentication phase can spoof them as victim’s credentials.


About iLogSafe

Anti-Phish Codes is the latest innovation that can easily detect interception/spoofing of credentials by man-in-middle and other forms of credential phishing attacks stopping the credential compromise and account takeovers right at the first step. The patented solution enables enterprises to do fear-less online transactions and realize the payback of their investment within a year.

Anti-Phish Codes for NO Account take-overs, protect data and eliminate fraud

  • Eliminate risk of credential compromise that lead to data breach and fraud
  • No changes to your application, browser or infrastructure
  • No changes to your enterprise federations and single-sign-on
  • Quantum-safe
  • No capex needed, and customizable for convenience and mobility


Eliminate password management costs

Better compliance with 2X savings on PCI DSS, HIPAA, FFIEC and others

Enterprise grade Single Sign On (SSO) enabling password-less multi-application access

Fraud prevention and transactional authentication

What We Do

Be it FFIEC or HIPAA or any compliance standard, iLogSafe take out the fear of hacked and stolen passwords and exceeds the standards when it comes to cyber security. Our leap-frog technology enables finer access control to your critical resources. Our team is on stand-by to explore and customize solutions to your needs. iLogSafe offers turnkey solutions bringing out next-generation security and compliance practices that make it easy for both the operators and end-users to follow and implement safe practices. Our products enable to be Eco-friendly and implement Green-IT solutions.

Our Mission

iLogSafe mission is to help organizations provide robust cyber security to their customers as well as for their corporate infrastructure. Our focus as such is all about bringing innovative solutions that are very effective and at the same time easy to use by the online users towards general security and compliance practices. Our solutions shall act as enablers for Eco-friendly Green-IT solutions. iLogSafe were invented by our founding security expert and has experienced management team and advisory board.

UNSPOOFABLE ANTI-PHISH CODES - ACCOUNT TAKEOVERSPatented systems for Strong Authentication

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