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Protect Your Solo / Small Law Firms, Without the Hassle of Any Passwords.

Solve your cybersecurity concerns with a Hacker-Proof Way to Access all of your law firms’ key tools using one simple anti-[theft, phish, replay] code.

iLogSafe is a patented password-less authentication platform for lawyers securing against MFA-bypass and phishing attacks of all your law practice applications.

De-risking on malpractice lawsuits due to data breaches is our prime goal.

Maximize your client’s billable hours by entrusting ILogSafe to handle your security needs.


With one Goal.
To Protect your Data

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is the average cost from a data breach*


or 1 in every 2 law firms have been breached*


of data breaches are due to human error*

The Threat is Real


Safety and Access

  • Login to key accounts using a system that is safer than one time codes, push app approvals or any other 2 factor authentication.
  • Ensure that you and your team members are the only people that can access your firm’s key accounts.
  • Reduce your firm’s risk of costly data breaches.
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Firm Success

  • Reduce the risk of losing clients and taking a hit to your bottom line.
  • Avoid unexpected costs associated with malware, ransomware and malpractice lawsuits.
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Time-saving tool

  • Set up ILogSave once and rest assured your accounts are secure!
  • Eliminate the need to remember, protect and store passwords.
  • Save time with one simple tool to access all of your digital files.
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Industry’s Highest Security Standard for Login Security (CJIS)

  • Fully compliant with Criminal Justice Information Security Standards compliant.
  • 24/7 access and security in cloud applications
  • Covered at the Highest Level of National Institute of Standard and Technology

All of These Apps


ILogSafe works with the most popular apps used by law firms. Enjoy the comfort of knowing your client’s data is safe and the convenience of one code for all these apps without the headache of endless passwords and 2 factor authentication.



Great experience with iLogSafe – NO passwords to deal with. I could test iLogSafe with a colleague in 30 secs that it is indeed useless for everyone else, except for me!

Testimonial User -ilogsafe

Bernard J. Rhodes

First Amendment Law

iLogSafe is now a part of my Law Practice as I am handling patents, trademarks and copyrights cases. Thanks to iLogSafe, I am free from headaches of multiple passwords. At the same time de-risk any of the unauthorized access to client documents could become prior art and severely impacting my clients in securing patents!

Testimonial User -ilogsafe

Dr. Nick Oberheiden

Attorney at Epiq Systems

iLogSafe made my life easier eliminating the risk of online hackers getting to my client-attorney privileged confidential documents. More over several of my financial accounts, billing and invoices tied together. Thanks to iLogSafe, I can now focus on my work and acquiring more clients confidently and securely.

Testimonial User -ilogsafe

Alan M. Rifkin

Attorney at Diaz and Associates

I used to think that there was no end to passwords and OTPs in my law practice. However, since I started using iLogSafe, my life has become much easier.

Testimonial User -ilogsafe

Michelle “Mika” Domingo

Estates & Trusts -California

easily protect your data


Prevent Hackers

Prevent hackers from getting a hold of valuable client data.


No more passwords!


Avoid malpractice lawsuits and hikes in insurance premiums.

Multiple Account Security

Access multiple online applications with one secure account.


Grow your client base with confidence!


Simple and fast setup!

Get Started Today!

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I use super strong passwords, One time codes, Push notification app approvals? Why do I need iLogSafe?

Passwords, OTPs and push notification approvals on mobile apps were good until yesterday. With real-time interception and hacking (spoofing) your passwords, OTPs, Push app approvals are now more vulnerable because they all suffer from “bearer” attribute, meaning one who holds them, be it hacker, is given access to your accounts. Hackers found clever ways to intercept your login and bypass 2FA. Don’t take our word, following reinforce the fact that they are no longer secure.
FBI PIN on MFA compromise

Can you show the details of how my 2FA is vulnerable(contains hacker demo videos)?

The recent attacks as documented by Microsoft on more than 10K enterprises can be easily addressed by iLogSafe and for details please go Here

Below video demonstrates how push notification authentication/approval 2FA can be compromised.

Watch below video on how OTP 2FA can be compromised.

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How does iLogSafe secure my online accounts, money from hackers?

iLogSafe provides a frictionless and easy to use login codes that are locked up to your devices. The patented technology will enable detection of spoofing when someone else intercepts and submits codes. We are an industry standard and meet NIST AAL-3, which means your money and online accounts are hacker-safe.
If you are serious about securing your money and accounts from fraudsters, signup now for great early bird discounts (more than $150 value package)

I use faceId and Voice along with fingerprint and approvals on the app. Am I not secured?

The bio-metrics have been the mainstream when it comes to authenticating to the gadgets in our possession. But when it comes to online authentication, such authentication schemes fail to secure you from man-in-middle attacks as shown in the “app-based approvals” video.

Disclaimer: *copyrights belong to

I use public and private, aka- Passkeys; am I not secure?

Yes, public and private key pairs are secure than passwords. However mobility across devices with keychains and webauthn are clunky at best with so many variant offerings. One can always replace public key and replace real user permanently;Read our article for more details HERE

Further, Passkeys are device specific. Syncing passkeys across devices is replicating passkeys across ALL the devices. Thus, every device from which you are logging in, need to carry same set of “secrets (aka passkeys)” translating into increasing attack surface. And one device compromise can expose all.

On the other hand iLogSafe lets you pick a backup device where you can keep and secure the backup secrets offline. However, NOT REQUIRED is to have secrets keychain replicated across ALL the devices that you want to login. Yet, for each device you can easily generate anti-phish anti-theft login codes thereby getting the MOST secure login from ALL THE DEVICES WITHOUT REPLICATING THE SECRETS ACROSS THEM UNLIKE PASSKEYS.

Further, your security is as good as securing multiple sync-up channels. With iLogSafe you are not required to connect to online or cloud for secret backups, but offline in your own privacy for backup. You CONTROL backup, not cloud providers! Biggest advantage is – you don’t have to uproot any other technologies including passwords etc but just tag on with iLogSafe anti-phish anti-theft anti-spoof technology out-of-box.

There are so many “password-less” solutions around, how is iLogSafe different and more secure?

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