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iLogSafe next-generation solutions enable safety and compliance practices to be easily mass-rolled to the healthcare industry. Be it, protecting your patient’s confidential information or accessing electronic medical records (EMR), iLogSafe can take away the fear of the fraudulent access to confidential data. Fundamentally there is a need to leverage technology to gain administrative efficiencies with supporting technology to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. Meeting this challenge will require a shift in the current, ineffective practices and move to much more robust schemes without much inconvenience. User authentication remains the critical part of the individual pieces of the HIPAA legislation, and with iLogSafe, that current weakest link can be made very secure and stronger.

Needless to emphasize the fact that identity authentication is the linchpin of digital security. Complex procedures and technology can never be fully effective without a way to verify the identities of individuals participating in a transaction or communication. iLogSafe effectively addresses the issue of identity verification with a leap-frog technology that can provide peace of mind from stolen, hacked passwords very cost-effectively.

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